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Brass Mesh & Special Material Mesh

Wire mesh is a variety of silk and silk products of the large classification, is the mono filament and screen collectively.Silk mainly refers to the metal, non-metallic materials for the processing of the wire; mesh is silk, as raw materials, according to the needs of woven into different shapes, density and specifications of the network. Wire refers to wire, such as stainless steel wire, wire, galvanized wire, brass wire, PVC wire and so on. Wire mesh with wire (wire) using a process from the processing of mesh products, such as crane Huang silk screen network, screens, steel mesh, punching net, fence, filter, conveyor belt, conveyor belt, PVC Wait. Screen is China’s traditional industrial products, in scientific research, production and life and many other areas with a wide range of uses. With the rapid development of science and technology, wire mesh and oil, chemical, automotive, paper, food, construction, aviation, aerospace and other industries and high-tech fields.