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Broiler Cages

black wire cloth

Black Wire Mesh

Quick Details:
    • Usage:Broiler cage can preserve food and prevent the spread of disease and germs.
    • Material: Q195 low carbon steel or Q235 low carbon steel.
    • MOQ: 5 sets.
    • Type:A type.
    • Width: 2.3m-2.6m
    • Length: 1.6m-2.1m
    • Height: 1.5m
    • Package: in plastic bags and carbon box ; packed in wooden box and pullet
    • Deliver time: Within 25 days.

The QUNKUN broiler cage originates from QUNKUN long poultry farming experience and from the innovative test cycle out on broilers of various breeds and weights. About 45 days the broiler will be slaughtered for market, the broiler will finish the whole growing life in same cage, it is effective. Broilers weight is heaver than layers, it request the cage mesh more stronger and

longer lifespan for frequently using and transferring, experience from our own broiler farm proof that QUNKUN broiler cage

lifespan is up to 15 year.

Broiler Cages Specification:


Type Tier L*W*H Capacity
A Type 3 1.6m*2.3m*1.5m 90-360 birds
A Type 3 1.98m*2.3m*1.5m 90-360 birds
A Type 3 2.1m*2.3m*1.5m 100-400 birds
A Type 4 1.6m*2.6m*1.5m 120-480 birds
A Type 4 1.98m*2.6m*1.5m 120-480 birds
A Type 4 2.1m*2.6m*1.5m 144-550 birds