Concrete Nails

black wire cloth

Black Wire Mesh

Quick Details:
    • Material:#45, #60
    • Shank Diameter: M2.0-M5.2
    • Length(L):20-150mm
    • Point:Diamond Point
    • Head:Round Flat Head,
    • Finish:polished, galvanized, hot dip galvanized.
    • Shank:Smooth/Grooved
    • Usage:For Construction, Wooden Furniture, Electric Component, Household, etc
    • MOQ: 1ton
    • Delivery :20 days after received the deposit




Concrete nails, commonly known as nails, the use of carbon steel production, material 45 steel or 60 steel, after wire drawing,

annealing, nailing, quenching and other processes from processing, so the texture is relatively hard. Its function is nailed in

some of the other hard nails nail on the object, because the material and ordinary nails are very different, is a dedicated nail.

Concrete nail hardness is very large, thick and short, very strong ability to wear chisel.

Concrete Nails Specification:


Length mm Gauge No.
3/4" 19.050 BWG11/12
1" 25.400 BWG10/11/12
1-1/4" 31.749 BWG10/11
1-1/2" 38.099 BWG9/10/11
2" 50.800 BWG8/9/10/11
2-1/2" 63.499 BWG8/9/10
3" 76.200 BWG7/8/9
4" 101.600 BWG7/8/9