Cooling Pad

black wire cloth

Black Wire Mesh

Quick Details:
    • Usage: Poultry Farm.
    • Material: Kraft paper.
    • Thickness: 100/150mm.
    • Size: Custom made.
    • Package: Carton.
    • Color: Yellow/brown/green.
    • Mounting: Wall/Window Mount.
    • Delivery time: Within 15 days.




Wet pad installed at one end of the greenhouse, the suction ventilator installed in the other end. When the air in greenhouse is needed to cool down, the control system of fan will start, the indoor air is forced out and build-up the negative pressure. At the

same time, the water pump water the wet pad. The negative pressure cause the indraft through the wet pad , leading to

evaporation and cooling, then the cold air flow through the greenhouse, absorb the indoor heat, so as to achieve the purpose of the circulating cooling. ​

Cooling Pad Specification:


Height(mm) 1500,1800,2000 1500,1800,2000 1500,1800,2000
Width(mm) 600,300 600,300 600,300
Flute high(mm) 7 7 5
α(*) 45 15 45
β:(*) 45 45 45