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Must there be pickling link in galvanized wire?

2018-01-10 10:59 by qunkun
A lot of people are no strangers to the galvanized wire, and have some knowledge of the galvanized wire. Galvanization can be divided into electroplating wire, hot-dip wire and high-zinc wire. The thicker the coating, the better the quality of the galvanized wire Common sense. But sometimes we do not understand the galvanized wire market, for example, the popular galvanized wire in the market has been pickled yet? Galvanized wire must go through pickling this process? When talking about these issues, we do not quite understand. In fact, strictly speaking, galvanized wire must go through the pickling process, so galvanized wire is not easy to rust and long service life, but many businessmen are forced by the pressure of competition, thus eliminating this part of the market gradually acid Washing galvanized wire less and less. Unless the customer's special requirements, and now very few companies pickling process.
Now the interconnection development so fast, people step by step to deepen the understanding of galvanized wire, galvanized wire from the beginning of the ill-understood, until now to a special testing agencies to test the thickness of the layer. If the use of galvanized steel wire galvanized environment is very demanding, I hope the majority of buyers also pay attention to galvanized pickling process.

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