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The details about Expanded Metal Mesh

2017-10-27 19:01 by qunkun
Expanded metal mesh is a variety of metal screens in the industry. Also known as metal plate network, diamond network, iron plate network, metal expansion network, heavy steel mesh, foot network, punching plate 'aluminum network, stainless steel plate network, granary net, antenna network, filter network, audio network.
Expanded metal mesh refers to: metal sheet through special machinery (steel mesh punching machine) after processing, the formation of mesh conditions for the material material.Materials are low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, nickel plate, aluminum magnesium alloy plate and other metal plate.
Weaving and features:
From steel plate by stamping, stretching made; divided into steel mesh and stainless steel plate network; nice, durable.
Surface treatment:
PVC spray (spray, plastic), hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized, anodized (aluminum), spray rust paint and so on.

Expanded metal mesh series, the hole solid long life, widely used, mainly for civil construction batch of cement, machinery and equipment protection, handicrafts manufacturing, high-end speaker net cover. Highway guardrail, sports venues fence, road green belt with protective net. Heavy steel mesh can be used for tanker foot network, heavy machinery and boilers, oil mines, locomotives, tons of ships and other work platforms, escalators, walkways. Can also be used for construction, roads, bridges to do with steel.
It is also used with integrated defense, industrial, railway, shipbuilding, coal, light industry and textile, building materials, agricultural and sideline industry, aquaculture, garden, mineral, petrochemical, home appliances, also used in integrated ceiling, doors and windows, security corridors, corridors Baffle, tables and chairs bench, vents, all kinds of goods carrying the box, shelves and so on.
Today, the most suitable on the railway fence material is steel mesh!

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