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Fiberglass mesh

2017-10-24 16:07 by qunkun
We can produce special size Alkali-resistant Fiberglass Mesh according to your requirements,like different mesh size(2.85X2.85mm, 3x3mm, 4x4mm, 4x5mm, 5x5mm, 6x6mm, 8x8mm, 10x10mm) and weight per square meter(60g/m2~300g/m2). 
For the fiberglass mesh, it must be: 
1.       The alkali-resistant coating is very important, it must be strong, the yarn is not easy to move 
2.       The mesh should be clear, regular, there is no big woven mistaken,
3.       We can make soft or stiff mesh according to the customer’s need, but as our experience, the soft mesh is better
For the self-adhesive tape, it must be :
1.       The alkali-resistant coating should be perfect so that the yarn is not easy to move or drop out
2.       It has good character for the adhesive, and the adhesive should be permanent

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