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The characteristics and use of Fiberglass window screen

2017-10-24 16:10 by qunkun
Window screening is widely used for windows and corridors to prevent insects from bugging you.
Fiberglass window screen Features:
1, long service life
2, a wide range of applications.
3, non-toxic and tasteless.
4, yarn selection of glass fiber yarn, fire retardant.
5, with anti-static function, not sticky ash, breathable.
6, light transmission performance, with a true sense of the invisible effect.
7, automatic filtering anti-ultraviolet radiation, to protect the family health.
8, anti-aging, long life, reasonable design, the use of ten thousand times
9, green: does not contain harmful to the atmosphere of chlorofluorocarbons, in line with ISO14001 international environmental certification requirements so use will not produce any harmful pollution to the human body.

Fiberglass window screen use:
For high-grade office buildings, residential and various buildings, livestock farms, orchards, etc., is the best insects, mosquito protection products.

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