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Peach shaped column fence installation

2018-01-02 17:40 by qunkun
Installation and other fence different. Such as the wave-type fence, sports stadium fence, rail Fence, road safety net are all first installed column pillar and then connect the mesh. Peach column fence installation can not be installed like this. If you press the column after the first, the mesh is hooked.
(1) It is wrong to open the connecting groove with the iron pliers. This will damage the surface protection of the fence. Affect the service life.
(2) There are also forcibly hung on the network is wrong. This network will be loose deformation.
(3) even more to enlarge the pitch. This mesh loose, it is easy to lose. Also can not play the role of protection.
The above is the wrong installation method.
The correct installation method is:. First fixed the first column and then the mesh attached to the column, followed by hook the second column after the second column is fixed and then hook the second mesh, and the third column. Tighten the mesh after the third column fixed.
And so on, a set of installation can be. This installation is both solid and does not damage the mesh, safety and practicality in the requirements of the more stringent.

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