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Phosphor bronze woven wire mesh

2017-10-23 15:12 by qunkun
Phosphor bronze woven wire mesh
Phosphor copper mesh (phosphor bronze wire mesh, phosphor copper braid, phosphorus copper crimped wire mesh, tin bronze mesh, phosphor copper mesh)
Phosphor copper mesh Material: phosphor copper wire, tin bronze wire.
Phosphor copper mesh weaving way: ginning weaving, plain weave, twill weave, bamboo pattern weaving.
Phosphor copper mesh performance: wear-resistant, non-magnetic, good corrosion, excellent tensile strength, good ductility.
Phosphor copper mesh specifications: According to ginning network weaving 0.4 mesh (2cm) -10 mesh (1.8mm). Plain weave 1 mesh (2.54cm) -600 mesh (0.005mm) The larger the mesh, the larger the corresponding mesh is the smaller the opposite! High precision filter, mesh dense, for the filter gas, liquid, powder, particles, cells have a very good feature.
Phosphor copper mesh Uses: paper mesh, screening solid particles, powder, glass, bearings, printing, liquid filtration, gas filtration.
Our production of copper mesh has the following advantages: copper content of 99.99%, 99.97%, 99.95%, thermal conductivity, conductivity, heat dissipation, electronic products, shielding, glass sandwich, battery special network, pure copper network, Copper and iron alloy network, copper and nickel alloy network, copper-chromium alloy network, copper and other special alloy alloy alloy production or processing.
Copper mesh: Our production specifications 1 mesh -300 mesh (plain weave) Weaving features: mesh is, export standards, pure copper network 99.99% quality high-grade copper network. In the electronic products, thermal insulation products, glass sandwich, battery, shielding room, satellite shielding signals and other applications. 
Brass Net: Our production specifications are 2 mesh -150 mesh (plain weave) 30 mesh -200 mesh (twill weave) brass mesh features factory selection H65, H68, H80, H82, H85 quality copper wire braided copper network. Use features: friction, acid and alkali, filter does not appear plugging phenomenon, high temperature use.
Phosphor copper mesh: Size 30 mesh -250 mesh (plain weave) 40 mesh -600 mesh (twill weave) High filtration accuracy, mesh density, for the filter gas, liquid, powder, particles, cells have a very good feature.