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What are the shapes and features of plastic mesh?

2018-02-12 16:39 by qunkun
The widespread use of plastic flat net in life, from the perspective of production and the production point of view, whether from a characteristic of a product to determine that a true portrayal of and quality products, the following Xiaobian take you up from the angle of chemical analysis to understand the structural characteristics of the basic watch:
There are basically two kinds of structure of polymer flat mesh polymer: the first is linear structure, the polymer structure with this structure is called linear polymer compound, the second is body structure, and the polymer combination with this structure is called bulk polymer compound. Two different structures show two opposite properties. Linear structure (including branched chain) polymer has elasticity and plasticity due to its existence of independent molecules. It can dissolve in solvents, heat and melt, and has smaller hardness and brittleness. Because of the existence of independent macromolecules, the polymers of shape structure are not elastic and plastic, and can not be dissolved or melted, but only swelling, hardness and brittleness are larger. Plastic is the two structure of the polymer all have, made from linear polymer is thermoplastic, made from the body of polymer is thermosetting plastic.
Through the structural analysis, to produce different plastic flat-screen products, used in different fields.