Razor wire fence play a very good deterrent effect

2017-12-21 17:28 by qunkun
Razor wire is a kind of fence, from the literal it is not hard to see that this network gives a feeling of fear, there is a feeling of scared people. It is indeed a daunting fence, it depends on the material of the fence and the shape of the fence.
Razor wire is also an alias knife-type barbed wire, it is made of high-quality steel wire, it is a new type of protection developed in recent years. It is made of steel stamping into a certain shape, then the package attached to the wire above, this system out of the wire has a sharp sharp corners. Others are made of stainless steel sheet metal blade shape, then use a larger tension wire made of wire, the blades made of these sheets are combined. The combination of the two products is like a belly, snake itself gives a sense of fear. In addition, like the blades of the same steel composition, so people think it beautiful at the same time, also was afraid of it. It can serve as a deterrent from the heart.

Razor wire fence because of its psychology has a certain deterrent effect, so now all parts of the country are gradually installing the fence with the necessary places. For example, say some military land, this is a no go area. Generally need to be isolated from the outside world.
For example, prisons often use such guards. This protection is also often used for some common areas that require increased protection, such as government agencies or banks and other places. 
Razor wire fence because of its appearance and its material characteristics, it created a fear of it, thus increasing the safety factor of some sites.

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