Tips for maintenance of blade thorn rope

2017-12-28 17:22 by qunkun
People who buy razor wire should know the specific service life of the it, which is often regarded as once and for all once installed. However, it is worth noting that the material of the razor wire is mostly a reference metal. It is only an instrument of use. Even if it has a useful life, it may not be able to guarantee the stable use of the final life span. In fact, this is not to say that the razor wire is a product that can not be used. Instead, the razor wire needs to be regularly maintained so that the blade barbed wire can be better used and the service life of the blade barbed wire extended. In order to be able to extend the life of the blade barbed wire, we made some recommendations for routine maintenance:
1.Repair in time. This is the most important point! Razor wire users once the product is found in the deformation, rust, or break the problem, we must take measures to repair it. Perhaps you will have questions, blade barbed wire will not be so easily damaged, why you need to repair it? Because the accident is random, it will not be left to your wishes to make any changes. It is hard to tell what kind of problems you may encounter when placing a razor blade on an outdoor site, such as gale, heavy rain and hail. You know, the installation of barbed wire is mostly carried out in the outdoor environment, if you leave any problems with the product, will eventually brewed bitter fruit. When you do not fix for a long time, it will trigger a series of security risks.

2.Periodic inspection. The purpose of periodic inspection is to see the specific use of the project to prevent problems can not be resolved in time. The user should not ignore this after the barbed wire is installed, and should conduct regular inspections and inspections to eliminate the security holes in the process of use so as to prolong the service life of the razor wire.
3. Routine maintenance. No matter you buy any equipment, maintenance is always a matter of the user according to the quality of the barbed wire he bought, you can buy appropriate preparation for some anti-rust paint, rust liquid maintenance products. To blade blade thorn rusty parts do maintenance to delay the oxidation process, and can extend its service life.

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