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Steel basketball net

2017-10-24 16:48 by qunkun


Name: Gravitational pure stainless steel basket
Material: true 401 stainless steel
Length: standard size 48 cm, about 45 cm port
Weight: 560 grams
unit: PCS
Color: Silver
Steel basketball net Product specifications
  Chain Specification: 2.2 * 19 * 9.0mm

Steel basketball net  product description

  Stainless steel chain to acid and alkali corrosion resistance and environmental protection and other characteristics more and more welcomed by the market, is gradually replacing the chain and become a popular trend.Free stainless steel basketball network is composed of straight chain, welding full, corrosion resistance, and more durable.

Steel basketball net Features: quality workmanship is very good, waterproof rust
Steel basketball net Installation Notes:
1, old-fashioned basket (hook): with a wire tied to a single chain, tied to a single hook.
2, the new basket: with a long iron wire to wear a circle, chain ring evenly set on the wire.
1, the Nets are basketball lovers essential supplies, shooting when the hollow network of "shabu shabu" sound can not only bring fun, increase self-confidence, basketball in the ball under the reaction force can bounce back or vertical fall, to prevent basketball roll Outside the venue.
2, this section of the metal basket, fine workmanship, waterproof rust, especially for the south wet weather, as well as the northern low temperature snow weather. Its life is 2-3 times the ordinary nylon mesh.
3, the metal basket rough, uninhibited, as many street ball lovers of choice!

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