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Introduction of Stainless steel mesh weaving methods and types

2017-12-29 15:18 by qunkun
Stainless steel mesh weaving methods and types of introduction
Stainless steel mesh, also known as stainless steel mesh, stainless steel braid, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mesh.
Stainless steel mesh material: 304,304L, 316,316L, 310S, 321,347,2205,2507,410, etc.
Performance: acid, alkali, high temperature, tensile, wear and so on.
Uses: used in acid-base environment, filtration and screening, the oil industry to do mud net, chemical packing mesh, chemical fiber chemical industry to do sieve, electro-galvanized pickling net, food medicine, mining oil, metallurgical machinery, protective building Crafts and so on.
Stainless steel mesh weaving methods: plain weave, twill weave, dense weave pattern, Imitation twill weave twine, double silk Dutch weaving, weaving five weaving.
1. Plain weave: Each warp yarn crosses over each weft thread, the same diameter wire and weft, warp and weft into a 90 degree angle weaving.
2. Twill weave: Each warp yarn crosses every two weft threads up and down, and each weft thread crosses over each of the two diameter thread weaves.
3. Weave knit: Warp and weft silk of different diameter, mesh is also different, characterized by the thinness of the density, the coarse weft. Length direction is warp, width direction is weft. The dense mesh is divided into I-type mesh plain weave and I-mesh twill weave.
4. Ipomoea network twill weave: each diameter of the wire cross each of the two weft through the top and bottom, each weft cross each of the two wires through the top and bottom weaving approach.
5 pairs of Dutch knit: This knit and twill Dutch weaving is very similar, there are two latitude, can be stacked tightly with the warp. This kind of cloth is used to filter micrometer-level filtration.
6. Five comprehensive weaving: This kind of weaving warp and weft are not selected monofilament but with a few separate wire weaving. This weave is based on twill weave to provide stronger and stronger stainless steel wire cloth.
Stainless steel mesh Uses: used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

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