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The application of gabion box solved the world ecological problems

2017-11-04 13:47 by qunkun
For landscape engineering, highway revetment, embankment bank revetment and mountain slope steep greening has always been a big problem for engineers and technicians. Over the years, they have been exploring a process that not only meets the requirements for the protection of the mountain and beach stability, but also achieves the effect of greening environment and is also economical and convenient. In recent years, this process began to appear, it is the application of ecological stone cage network technology. According to experts, the application of ecological stone cage network is made of high-strength galvanized steel wire braided into different sizes of rectangular cage filled with stone structure. This structure is applied to the shore slope protection, under the dual action of man-made and natural factors, the gap between the stones is constantly filled with soil. Plant seeds gradually rooted in the soil between the stones, thrive, root firmly fixed stones and soil. So that you can achieve the purpose of slope protection and afforestation, improve the ecological, soil and water conservation effect is also very significant.
Ecological gabion cage technology has four advantages:
        Firstly, the construction is simple, ecological gabion cages just plug the stone into the cage can be sealed, do not need special technology, do not need water and electricity.
        Secondly, low cost, ecological gabion cage cost only a dozen per square meter.
        Thirdly, the landscape and protective effect is good. The combination of engineering measures and plant measures adopted in the ecological gabion cage technology can effectively prevent water and soil loss, quicken the landscape and make the landscape more natural and rich.
        Fourthly, long life, ecological gabion Cage process life of up to several decades, and generally do not have to repair. It is precisely because of this, Huangshi section of the Yangtze River bank protection project, the Taihu Lake flood protection embankment project, the Three Gorges Sandouping revetment works have adopted this process.
Use two project examples more intuitive description.
Firstly, they did not adopt any plant technical measures during the Huairou Nianzhai Bay River Channel Management Project in Beijing. As a result, the natural growth of plant seeds infiltrated into the gabion cage soil resulted in a completely natural landscape.
        Secondly, in the management of the Miaofengshan River in Beijing, they adopted different plant techniques in the ecological gabion cage process in the two reachs. A period of drought-tolerant grass was sprinkled over and the two sides of the river were seen in less than two months No gabion network, and all eyes are green. Another section is planted with small shrubs, such as pepper and other cash crops, an increase of economic income for local farmers. The key technology of the ecological gabion craft lies in the gabion net. Because of its flexible structure, even when encountering the land subsidence, collapse and landslide, it can be resisted by its own deformability. Gabion materials and weaving techniques are very particular about the use of braided gabion wire is a high-strength low-carbon galvanized steel wire, coated with plastic surface optimization of resin mold, its anti-corrosion, wear resistance, erosion resistance, Strong anti-fracture ability. The weaving method using double grid technology, is the use of gabion machine woven into a twisted hexagonal network, twisted wire tied together to form a network of wire, even if one or two wires broken, the network also Will not be solved, abnormally strong.

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