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How to ensure the flexibility and permeability of the gabion box

2018-01-03 16:54 by qunkun
Key : stone cage net sinking operation, first is to use iron wire woven stone cage net sink. You can also add electroplating and coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PVC gabion mattress can also be used as protection and toe protection.
1: gabion mattress, first is to use wire woven gabion mattress. You can also add electroplating and coated with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PVC gabion mattress can also be used as protection and toe protection.
2: gabion box (box gabion). A gabion box is a net form of wire or polymer wire that is fixed in place. A wire cage is a wire woven mesh or a welded structure. These two structures can be electroplated, and the woven wire boxes can be coated with PVC. A grid  gabion than welding more flexible, so to adapt to the performance and load subsidence is different, although the filling stone materials carefully to ensure that the rock fill is very dense, but sometimes that rigid gabion box easier to fill, for non standard shape, such as turning, or can produce subsidence where, when woven wire or polymer lattice structure deformation, without loss of strength, prefer to use this kind of structure.
3: internal filler gabion, with hard rocks weathering resistance as the filler, it will not sinking due to erosion and soon broken stone in the box or the stone cage. Stone cage nets with different types of stones have different characteristics. The muti - angle block stones can be interlocked well together, and the stone cages filled with them are not easily deformed. Therefore, it is more effective than a round stone in a large retaining wall with shear resistance, and on the other side, it is beneficial to the connection of the stone cage. The general size of the filler is 1.5 times that of the average mesh size. The single block stone is not less than the standard mesh size (usually used for the size of the woven stone cage (60mmX80mm to 100mmX120mm), which is generally not larger than the standard size of 200mm. The requirement for the size of the smallest stone can be relaxed for the block stone which is placed in the interior of the cage, which is far from the exterior of the stone cage.
4: internal filling. Mechanical filling is generally faster and cheaper, but it is not well controlled by manual filling. For the modified retaining wall, a better appearance should be produced and a dense structure should be formed. When these two methods are adopted, the packing must be fully filled with the stone cage net. The packing must be well packed to minimize the gap. The contact between the single stones is good, as close as possible, to reduce the possibility of stone migration in the stone cage. When the size of the packing is in the normal range, the muti - angle and round stones can be packed tightly and some soil can be added.

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