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Welded mesh fence is close to our life

2018-01-29 16:35 by qunkun
Welded wire mesh fences are made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire rod welding, and then cold plating (plating), hot-dip, PVC plastic and other surface passivation, plastic processing of welded wire mesh, frame, column, installation accessories and other combinations. The most widely used is PVC plastic wrap, this guardrail with corrosion resistance, anti-aging, do not fade, the surface smooth, bright and so on.
Welded wire mesh fence is mainly used for highways, railways, airports, gardens, mountains, site facilities and other fencing and protection. Welding rails include: triangular bending type protective net, double wire protective net, double ring fence, fence roll, Y-type, European-style garden network.
The following is the application of welded wire mesh fence.
Folding folding guardrail
Structure: high-strength cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire welding and then through the hydraulic molding, with the link attachment and steel pipe pillar fixed.
Features: high strength, good rigidity, handsome in appearance, wide field of vision, easy to install, feel bright and easy.
It originated in the French "Drex" fence, mainly popular in Europe, the United States, France, Japan, Germany and other countries. On the basis of the original, my company further developed with its supporting new pillar products: peach-shaped column, square column, round column, to replace the original cost of the higher French column.
Folding Y-pillar fence
Structure: Y-pillar fence is the airport dedicated fence, is designed for the airport design of the new range of products, the use of high-strength low-carbon steel wire welding, columns for the rectangular steel or high-strength tube, the top plus welding v-type bracket, greatly Enhanced the impact of the fence, the top and then increase the blade after the wire has a good enhanced security performance, large domestic and international airports have been widely used in such products, and has been greatly recognized.
Features: This feature is a prominent feature of the fence is beautiful and practical, high security, anti-climbing ability, network connection using a special SBS fasteners, effectively prevent the devastating demolition of people. Horizontal four bending ribs, So that the net surface strength increased significantly.
Folding Dutch net / roll fence
The Dutch network is an economical and easy-to-install fence product. Dutch net / reel fence is usually a slight wire diameter wire welding, soft so that the fence can be wrapped, greatly reducing the cost of transportation. Installation, you can use a simple installation method: directly into the volume of the fence with a small connector connected to the column or other support objects.connected to the column or other support objects.
And 358 fence etc.

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