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Introduction of welded wire mesh

2017-12-25 17:11 by qunkun
Core Tip: Welded wire mesh is a kind of high quality Q195 low carbon steel wire welded together, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot dip, PVC plastic and other surface passivation, plasticizing, net formation, mesh Uniform, solid solder joints, good local machinability, stability, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance Mesh mesh products.
Welded wire mesh is a kind of high-quality Q195 low-carbon steel wire welded together, and then cold (plating), hot-dip, PVC plastic and other surface passivation, plastic processing, net formation, net uniform welding Point solid, local machining performance is good, stable, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion mesh mesh products. Has a solid solder joints, reasonable structure, uniform mesh characteristics, flat surface, solid structure, strong integrity, has strong corrosion resistance can also be used for construction industry floor heating special mesh. Now in many The area is widely used.
Welded mesh types: stainless steel mesh, black iron mesh, galvanized wire mesh, plastic mesh, with a frame mesh. Welded wire mesh selection of high-quality wire, made by precision automated mechanical welding, welded wire mesh forming galvanized (electroplating or hot dip); galvanized wire welded wire mesh selection of high-quality galvanized wire through sophisticated automated mechanical welding production.
Features: Vivid color mesh, is widely used in exhibitions, sample racks and so on. Material: low-carbon steel wire, electro-galvanized wire, electro-galvanized wire drawing, stainless steel wire. Advantages: solid welding, uniform mesh, mesh formation, corrosion resistance, strength, protection ability. Storage and transport methods are as follows, packaging 30m / roll; Storage: Li code, not heap, dry and ventilated storage period of 12 months. Sun protection, moisture-proof; Transport: Can be handled by non-dangerous goods. Transportation in the fold, pressure, damage.
Welded wire mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, farming, construction, transportation, mining and so on. Such as machine enclosures, animal livestock fence, flowers fence, window guardrail, channel fence, poultry cage, egg baskets and home office food basket, paper basket and decoration. Ordinary welded wire mesh sheets can be used in the construction industry for Shu Lan board network and partition network, is ideal for high-rise new building materials.
Welded mesh grid structure concise, versatile, beautiful and practical, easy to transport, installation is not subject to terrain fluctuations, especially for mountain, slope, bend zone adaptability, the price is low, suitable for large area. The main markets: closed railway network of highway closed network, field fences, residential fence, all kinds of isolation network.
Category: According to the surface treatment can be divided into: hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh, dip welded wire mesh, welded copper mesh, chrome welded wire mesh. By use can be divided into: construction welded wire mesh, decorative welded wire mesh, welded wire mesh fence, mining screen welded wire mesh.

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