Chick Cage

Chick Cages

Chick Cage

Chick Cage Quick Details:
    • Usage: mainly rearing baby egg laying chicken
    • Material: Q195 low carbon steel or Q235 low carbon steel.
    • MOQ: 5 sets.
    • Type:A type.
    • Width: 2.3m-2.6m
    • Length: 1.6m-2.1m
    • Height: 1.5m
    • Package: in plastic bags and carbon box ; packed in wooden box and pullet
    • Deliver time: Within 25 days.
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Chick cage we introduced here is mainly rearing baby egg laying chicken, Chick cage also is named to pullet cage or brooder

cage. if you want to learn baby broiler cage, please check Broiler cage.
Link Land chick cage rears baby egg laying chicken from one day old chicks, after 12 weeks or 16 weeks it grows up and near egg laying time, farmers will transport them to egg laying chicken cage also named layer cage, finish the whole rearing

processing. Chick cage  lifespan from 5 years up to 20 years, it depends on material of manufacturer using and climate of your countries, Our economical cage is using in our own farm for 8 years in China now and our quality chick cage is using in our

African such as Nigerian customers’ farm for 10 years now.

Chick Cage Specification:


Type Tier L*W*H Capacity/set
A Type 3 1.6m*2.3m*1.5m 90-360 birds
A Type 3 1.98m*2.3m*1.5m 90-360 birds
A Type 3 2.1m*2.3m*1.5m 106-400 birds
A Type 4 1.6m*2.6m*1.5m 120-480 birds
A Type 4 1.98m*2.6m*1.5m 120-480 birds
A Type 4 2.1m*2.6m*1.5m 144-550 birds