Safety protection in fence construction process

2018-01-19 17:13 by qunkun
Now fence widely is used in various places. For some road construction is relatively safe. But sometimes often  working at height, which brought some difficulties to construct. Although its installation is very simple, there will inevitably be some potential safety hazard in the course of construction.  what safety precautions should be taken in the process of construction to ensure safe construction.
When carrying out high-altitude construction, the builders need to check whether some shelves at high altitude are erected firmly , and if the height is  conducive to working at height. If any unpleasant situations are found, those must be rebuilt and then construct again. Do not wear hard sole shoes , flip-flops or high-heeled shoes on the shelves when installing the fence to avoid a safety accident due to instability in your own feet. When constructing the shelves, the tools in your hands must be steady to avoid tools accidentally dropped on people below.
In the high-altitude construction, it often requires a few people at the same time. In the case we must pay attention to the people can not be near, so as not to accidentally collide and lead other people fall . If operating at high altitude during the night, then be sure to handle the lamp with lighting, so as to avoid electrical shock during the operation .
Safety is not small matter. It is now a big problem in the construction process.There are detailed construction instructions. The operation must be carried out in strict accordance with those instructions during the installation of the barrier network to ensure that installer's safety. Make the construction be carried out smoothly.