Rib Lath

black wire cloth

Black Wire Mesh

Quick Details:
    • Usage: Aquaculture, Civil Building, Railway Construction, Road Construction
    • Material: Galvanized Sheet Plate
    • MOQ: 50 Pcs.
    • Colour: Sliver.
    • Type: Wall form work
    • Width: 686 mm
    • Length: 24、64 mm
    • Packing:Packing By Pallet.
    • Delivery: 10 days, according to specification and stock

Rib lath is a kind of expanded metal lath stiffened with longitude ribs. The furring design of the mesh provide efficient

background or construction of partition,suspended ceilings and refurbishment works, the advance of ribbed lath over metal

lathing,that is supporting centers,which can be increased or widened. Rib lath is ideal for refurbishing those damaged or age

masonry walls.

Rib Lath Specifications:


Rib Height Width Length Thickness Materials
3mm 610 2000mm-2500mm 0.25mm-0.50mm Galv.
4mm 600mm 2000mm-2500mm 0.30mm-0.50mm Galv.
10mm 600mm 2000mm-2500mm 0.30mm-0.50mm Galv.
3/8'' 27'' 97'' 3.4lbs/sq yard Galv.
3/4'' 27.5'' 97'' 5.4kg/sheet Galv.
25mm 700mm 2000mm-2500mm 0.50mm Galv.